Searching advertising is a key Google and Facebook advertising approach, and we
have experience using words like SEM, Paid Search, and others to get the best results.
Search ads can be used and benefited by businesses of all sizes. Our strategy for paid
search is a little different. We are precise, data-driven, and completely open. We take
care of the entire procedure for you, such as in market research, continuing management,
competitor analysis, testing, and reporting.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing on Google Ads is the fastest and most expensive
approach to boost revenue for the company or organization right away. It works by
directing highly relevant prospective customers and clients to the website who are willing
to pay for your products or services.

PPC adverts appear first on the Google search webpage just after an internet review
executes a Google search. These are significant adverts that show above the organic
results information in the form of listings.

PPC ads allow companies and organizations of all sizes to maximize their online

Brook are not interested in squandering funds. Rather, we need to get the most bang for
your buck with your advertising dollars. We can assist you in determining an effective
click budget to maximize your return on investment. An initial auditing and set-up cost is
also charged, which is determined by the extent of work for your organization.

We cost one flat subscription charge depending on the amount of labor required to
achieve your mission and targets, unlike the other companies who charge a portion of
your ad expenditure. The monthly charge is also determined by the competitiveness of
your market, the current effort needed, and your clicking budget. We don’t think in
charging a percent of your ad spending like some other agencies do if it doesn’t benefit
you economically.

• Keyword Research on a Large Scale

Following that, we performed detailed research to determine further your audience’s
digital demands and activities. We’ll undertake in-depth keyword analysis to help
understand why your potential consumers and clients utilize specific search phrases
online once we’ve gained a deeper knowledge of how they work. When it comes to getting
the maximum return on the Google Ads expenditure, search engines’ intent is crucial.

• Analysis of Competitors

Understanding who potential competitors are or how they use Google Ads might help
you pay less and get the most bang for your buck. We investigate all of your rivals indepth, identifying their strategy and weak spots.

Facebook ads marketing

Facebook has approximately 1.79 billion active users who probably spend 40 minutes on
the website each day. Facebook advertisements allow business owners the ability to
target and reach a certain customer market with precision, all without blowing their
advertising budget. The Facebook advertising services offered by Brook Digital assist
businesses of all sizes in transforming their online marketing strategies through:
• Increasing Facebook response on both organic and promoted posts
• Increasing Facebook recommendation traffic to the website
• Developing a loyal following of repeat consumers
• Obtaining updates on new and future customers, particularly contact information
• Conversions are increased with adaptive buyer-stage advertising.

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